Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hello hello hello again

Well hello there everyone. It's me, Cassandra. It's been almost an entire year since I've last posted here on the blog. 0_0 Insane right? I came back today and saw that ALL of the photos from the previous blog posts had errors on them. After some research, I found out this had something to do with Picasa (where Blogger saves blog photos). The best way to fix this, without pulling all of my hair out, was to just delete all of the previous posts. So, we're starting over! 

To get started, I thought I would share all of our current princess and character dresses! We have so many wonderful new dresses in the shop and even more to come! For now, I'll stick with the ones that have been modeled and share each of them in their own post! Each post will highlight all the special details of the dress, shout outs to the pattern designers, and information on the amazing photographers we have worked with! (have you noticed that I love exclamation points yet!) 

For those who are new to the shop, WELCOME! We offer princess and character inspired dresses for your little darling kiddos. The shop was founded in 2011 (even though Etsy says 2009). The idea of working on character inspired dresses started towards the end of 2012 and became our MAIN focus mid-2013. Custom orders are always welcome too! 

Here on the blog, you will find detailed information on our newest dresses, from start to finish. I'll share my favorite pattern designers, photographers, models, crafts, and more too! There might even be a little sprinkling of posts about my little family and, of course, our Princess Puppy, Harley (she's really 10yrs old, but don't tell her that!) I hope you follow the blog and stay in touch with all that we have to offer.. and if you REALLY want to stay in the loop (and receive some awesome discounts) then sign up for our NEWSLETTER! Thanks for stopping by! 

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